Alejandro Avilés

About us: Footwear manufacturers

Footwear manufacturers:

We are

a footwear manufacturer

for businesses, we can help you create your own business.


We can manufacture and deliver personalized accessories, bags and shoes with the customer's own branding.


It all started in 1991 with the opening of the first workshop,

Alejandro Aviles, in the district of Horta, Barcelona.

Alejandro Aviles gained a reputation among customers for high quality and excellent customer service. 


We can design and manufacture

all kinds of accesories, bags and shoes:

Women´s Shoes: Sandals, platform sandals, boots, 
ballerinas, salons, pumps, ballet shoes, tangos...

Men's Shoes: Oxford , derby, moccasins, 
nautical, sneakers, boots, sandals...

Bags: All types of bags and handbags including backpacks, clutches, envelope bags, laptop bags, shoulder bags and more. We can design and manufacture a wide range of bags, small or large, in
 any combination of colors with a wide selection of ornaments, buckles, pins, straps, zippers, pockets, lining and so on...


Our factory in Elda (Alicante), Spain, has ample production capability to cater for both 
small and large orders.

We also follow and stay current with the latest trends among fashion designers .

You can be assured that Alejandro Aviles, with over 20 years of bag and shoe making experience, will always personally oversee the projects.

Our clients also have the possibility of having Alejandro Aviles

help develop their design to create the perfect type of shoe or handbag, just as they require. 

Clients can choose from an extensive variety of materials and we place particular importance on the types of quality leather to choose from.


Our types of leather include:

Smooth leather: Depending on the animal and hide, we focus on selecting the best quaity leather based on analysing the pore and vein formation.

Suede, nubuck: velvet effect.

When we work with leather, 
our main objective is to work with the highest quality possible.


It is well known that the leather from Spain

is considered the best in the world in terms of the methods used

for the treatment of the unprocessed hides. For more information please see:


This is one of the added benefits we can offer regarding the quality of our leather.


We work with suppliers and business

partners in Spain and work in any part of the world from

our main office in Barcelona.

In Barcelona two languages exist:

Castellano and Catalan.

Our logo, "Fet a mida"

is a Catalan expression meaning

"made to measure".


Our brand expresses our identity and identifies us as a company which makes custom made bags and shoes to the exact requirements of the customer.


Customers working with us can receive expert advice from our master craftsman, Alejandro Aviles: