Alejandro Avilés

Shoe manufacturers


Shoe manufacturers:

  We are a shoe manufacturer and

we help other companies to create

their own business of shoes and handbags.





To take an example,

Alejandro Avilés tells us:

"I created my own company,

I designed and manufactured

collections of shoes and bags

and then have included in these collections,

the logo that identifies me":





as it is in this case, using

his personal name "ALEJANDRO AVILÉS"


"FET A MIDA" meaning

"made to measure".




An example of its own collection:




The same case can be yours,

build your own business with your own brand.

We can

manufacture a product of the highest quality,

at the height of the great designers,

with a value adjusted

to the most demanding markets.






This is the second part of the project, MANUFACTURE OF SHOES AND BAGS IN SERIES

The amount to apply depends always from you, we can advise, and

ultimately provided both parties agree with rapid communicative

fluency, to constantly know that you should always.




We offer a catalog of handmade shoes and bags,

you can watch in our website,

samples guarantee our good do when

you customize shoes or bags,

acquiring an exclusive you will not find on any other website.

We can make any mold, we have all kinds of leather,

any color, any heel,...

who can think, everything you can imagine and more.

Want to open your own shop and

add your own design shoes with your logo?

Own a website selling shoes and handbags

and want to have specific shoes or bags

that nobody makes them?

Are you designer fashion and accessories

and want to work with us?


We will help you in your project.