Alejandro Avilés

Design your own shoes

Design your own shoes: 

Create your own business

with handbags and shoes,

customize them and

  put your own brand on them.







Establish the first contact,

we collect your photo or drawing of a shoe or bag

you want to make.

It's simple,

just when we receive your request,

we developed a prototype of a shoe or bag finished

manufacture yours own collection of shoes, bags

from a single sample.




Presentation to the client,

so we can assess possible modifications.

But first we will have continuous contact,

which give you the information necessary

for you to be totally calm

when placing an order.





 An order is made for the amount

requested by the customer.

We can come to appreciate the prices,

which will always vary

depending on product

and quality you want,

and also according

to the quantity of shoes, bags, or both,

you ask.





Shoes-bags are manufactured

and delivered to the customer.

You will be informed of production time

to know when will your collection and finally finished.



what advantages do you have?

 that we will make the whole process,

are the ones who designed the model and manufacture it directly,

 there are no agents involved,

do the first sample




and mass produce shoes or bags to carry,

this lowers the cost of end the process.