Alejandro Avilés

Belt manufacturers






Belt manufacturers: Private label and custom belt manufacturer for companies and designers, made in Spain.




- We are a factory belts for businesses , boutiques, websites with their own private label.




- We are leather belt manufacturers top quality.



- The designs of our belts meet the needs and preferences of each of our clients and these are made ​​with their own private label.




- In our factory we are specialized in manufacturing and designing sets of belts for each customer uniquely.


- To manufacture belts, we can use any kind of material: grain leather, suede leather, patent leather, nubuck leather, engraved leather ... any skin type, there are actually a wide range.




- Our skins will always be of European origin. Spain, France and Italy.




- Always choosing the best quality leather as our experience of over 20 years we endorse, working the tanning of hides and testing color, flexibility, touch, softness, body and quality of each skin to use in each request of our customers.





- It is possible to want a buckle quality called "Zamak", which is an intermediate quality buckle.




- Although usually buckles with which we work are made of solid brass, solid brass buckles are the best that can be found in the market for its hardness and durability. We have the same qualities of buckles and of course hides that the most prestigious brands worldwide, only real luxury.




- We can personalize your own buckle, send us a drawing of the metal buckle and buckle measures. For the manufacture of custom buckles, our team has to make the molds to be subsequently mass production buckles. If it´s posible, We can apply the buckle you want, and can carry laser-etched logo buckle your companyor if you wish to own leather belt.



- Imagine being able to make belts in many different colors.





The belt is a very special accessory for us, that's why our team has designed a web dedicated only to belts, this is:




In this website we explain in more detail the manufacture of fully customized belts.





- Contact us and tell us your project for making leather belts, high quality only!!