Alejandro Avilés

Bag manufacturers



Bag manufacturers: Private label and custom bag manufacturer for companies and designers in Spain.



We are a factory handbags for businesses , boutiques, websites with their own private label.

We are leather bag manufacturers best quality tanning and Spanish origin . The designs of our bags work with the
needs and preferences of each of our clients and these are made ​​with their own private label .

In our factory we are specialized in manufacturing and designing handbags series for each customer uniquely.

To manufacture bags, we can use any type of material : grain leather, suede leather , patent leather , nubuck


leather , engraved leather ... any skin type , there are actually a lot of choice.

We searched the entire range of fabrics and colors that there are on the market .

We can use plastic .

Any thread: thickness , color ...

Zippers . The liner bag and ornaments you tell us , apart from their own company logo .